GAZPROM VNIIGAZ was established in 1948. In 1999 it was reorganized into the Limited Liability Company Scientific-Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies � GAZPROM VNIIGAZ.The founder of GAZPROM VNIIGAZ Ltd. is JSC Gazprom, which has 100% share of the charter capital of the Company. In 2001, according to the decision of Gazprom, GAZPROM VNIIGAZ acquired the status of the branch scientific center in the field of technology development. The organizational structure of GAZPROM VNIIGAZ includes research centers, divisions and laboratories, an experimental and prototype base, and R&D and design affiliation in Ukhta (Severnipigaz Ltd.). The R&D developments of GAZPROM VNIIGAZ are protected by 170 patents for inventions and utility models (including 6 patents in foreign countries) and these patents are maintained in force. GAZPROM VNIIGAZ is provided with the up-to-date research and pilot testing facility, the computer center that ensures the software and hardware R&D support, the scientific and technical library, the large stock of normative and technical documentation, patents and invention certificates. GAZPROM VNIIGAZ contributes to the work of the International Gas Union, the UN ECE on Sustainable Energy, the �Natural gas� Committee of the International Standardization Organization.