Gas TransBoliviano S.A.

Gas TransBoliviano S.A. (GTB) owns and operates the Bolivian section of the Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline, which connects the huge Bolivian natural gas reserves to the San Paulo and Puerto Alegre markets in the southeastern region of Brazil. The 775 kilometer pipeline starts at the Rio Grande Metering Station, near the administrative offices in Santa Cruz, continues through four Compression Stations, and ends at the Mutun metering station in the Bolivia-Brazil borderline. The advance technology 32 inch gas pipeline is capable of transporting 32 million cubic meters of gas per day (MMcmd). This capacity has been contracted at 100% under �ship or pay� agreements. Gas TransBoliviano�s progressive socio-environmental practices have received international recognition as models of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development; which gives GTB a competitive edge and sustains its continued growth.