GEOLOG International

GEOLOG, a world leader in surface solutions to the O&G industry, delivering cost-effective yet utility-comparable alternatives to complex and expensive downhole measurements via the use of disruptive proprietary technologies. Through the optimisation of formation, fluid and reservoir analysis, well construction is improved, well delivery optimised and production delivery accelerated. By utilising these in or near realtime rigsite applications, operators are able to mitigate risk and reduce cost. Our strong commitment to continuous research and development has enabled GEOLOG to develop a comprehensive suite of complementary wellsite Drilling and Formation Evaluation solutions. More recently, through its Milan-based Analysis and R&D company GEOTech, GEOLOG has developed laboratory services for bespoke reservoir characterisation targeting oil and gas production optimisation challenges. As a trusted independent partner since 1982, with a track record in over 70 countries, GEOLOG works with National, International and Independent Oil, Gas and Geothermal operators delivering expertise in Deep to Ultra-Deep water, HP/HT and Extended Reach, Unconventional and Geothermal operations.