GAZ-SYSTEM is a strategic company for Poland�s economy and energy security. We have been managing the transmission system spread out all over Poland and contributing to conveyance of 17 billion cubic meters methane-rich gas annually. We are offering door-to-door services, i.e. transportation of the product from the base station to the end user. GAZ-SYSTEM has been carrying out the largest investments within the gas energy industry in Poland, including the LNG Terminal in �winouj�cie, Baltic Pipe, and it spurs innovations in technological and power sectors. In 2016 the total length of our transmission network exceeded 11 000 km. If we measured it as a straight line, it would be the distance between Poland and Indonesia. We ensure long-term employment to nearly 2800 individuals in 49 locations across Poland. We work in line with the nature and the culture of dialogue. CSR principles are inscribed in DNA of our organization. GAZ-SYSTEM is involved in charity actions, educational activities, supports local communities, institutions and cultural events.