G&P Land

The process of land acquisition has become increasingly complex for the right of way service industry. Continually changing rules and regulations of federal, state and local governments make it absolutely vital that a right of way service provider stay abreast of and understand the policies and procedures mandated by various entities. With offices in San Antonio, TX, Houston, TX and Scottsdale, AZ G & P Land strives to provide the most experienced and knowledgeable staff available, expediting the acquisition of rights of way for essential services such as electric transmission systems, oil, gas and products pipelines, telecommunications networks and railroads, no matter the size or scope of the project. Project management personnel and field agents who are up to date and understand the most current rulings and regulations of FERC, public utility commissions, farm cooperatives and city & state governments are critical to project success. At G&P we make every effort to identify and staff the most qualified right of way team available. We will provide complete project management staff, or supplement existing staff, according to your specific needs and requirements. The bottom line is just this, using experienced, knowledgeable and qualified right of way professionals who represent the client and the client�s interests while treating the landowner with dignity and respect is in the best interest of all parties involved and the key to being effective.