Fundaci�n CIRCE

CIRCE is a research centre founded in 1993 with the support of the University of Zaragoza, to create and develop innovative solutions and scientific/technical knowledge and transfer them to the business sector in the field of energy. CIRCE�s mission is to drive forward improvements in energy efficiency and to spread the use of renewable energy by means of the development of R+D+i (Research, Development and Innovation) activities and formative actions that respond to the needs of national and international producers, thereby contributing to sustainable development. Circe's mission consists of the following objectives: - To improve competitiveness of national companies by means of the improvement of their energy processes. - To develop and apply new technologies that improve energy efficiency and facilitate the diffusion of renewable energy. - To develop internationally acclaimed training programmes in energy. - To encourage and promote the improvement of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in society through information and ongoing training.