Frigel Group

About the Frigel Group Frigel group offers innovative cooling solutions and refrigeration equipment for industrial applications. All Frigel products are conceived and engineered in the headquarters in Florence, Italy with the latest technologies available in the field and then built in four manufacturing facilities around the world. The solutions are designed to fit all specific cooling and temperature control requirements in multiple industries, such as plastics, beverage, oil & gas, cogeneration & tri-generation, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metals, die-casting & furnaces, data centers and others. In the last 20 years, Frigel has become a market leader in several of these industries introducing a new way of conceiving and making refrigeration, which is called �intelligent process cooling�. Focused on constant innovation, Frigel designs and builds integrated cooling solutions that achieve: unique performance for each specific application setting, at the same time, new sustainability standards for industry. The Frigel group includes manufacturing sites in four continents and integrates the following companies: Frigel Firenze S.p.A, (Scandicci, Firenze Italy) Headquarter and Sales, Engineering, Service, Production Frigel Custom Cooling Solutions Srl, (Lomagna, Italy) Marine oil and gas cooling solutions � Sales, Engineering, Service, Production Frigel North America inc., (Chicago - USA) Sales, Engineering, Service Frigel Asia Pacific Company ltd, (Bangkok - Thailandia) Sales, Engineering, Service, Production Frigel Latino America Ltda, (San Paulo - Brasil) Sales, Engineering, Service, Production Frigel GmbH (Rheinfelden, Germany) � Sales, Engineering, Service Green Box Srl (Piove di Sacco Padova � Italy) - Sales, Engineering, Service, Production Frigel Intelligent Cooling Systems (Greater Noida, India, Join Venture with Matsui). New plant Frigel operates through a worldwide network of agents and distributors.