Frac Shack America Inc.

To reduce significantly the refueling health and safety and environmental risk to people, equipment, and the project itself, FSA has designed, manufactured and patented a modular Frac Shack� fuel delivery system. Our Frac Shack� technology makes it possible to remove workers from the hot zone and eliminates atmospheric fuel spraying on the frac pad, while ensuring environmental protection during the hot fueling process. Since introducing the Frac Shack�, managers using this technology have reported a saving of 1 to 2 hours a day in production down time and the elimination of refueling stress. Also, reducing the number of employees to management refueling during a frac. Frac Shack� uses a unique design that fully adapts to existing systems with no retrofitting required. Its self-contained, self powered and fully mobile platform allows for quick transport and easy set-up. With Frac Shack��s patented design service requirements are reduced, downtime is minimized, and production increased. Also, employees are met with a safer work site and require less risk management.