Flex Energy Solutions is a technology company that designs, manufactures, leases and sells innovative gas turbine systems that produce continuous clean energy and heat. Flex Turbines� are capable of running on virtually any fuel gas � from low quality biogas to pipeline-quality natural gas to oilfield associated gas and overhead gas. The Flex Turbine is the industry�s most reliable choice for remote, onsite power generation. FlexEnergy, which launched in 2010 upon its acquisition of Ingersoll Rand�s Energy Systems division, has maintained a culture focused on manufacturing quality, technical expertise, and safety. At the start of 2013, Flex Leasing Power and Service was established to provide greater commercial access to and outstanding localized service for Flex Turbines�. Formerly working in parallel as sister companies, these power solution providers joined to form Flex Energy Solutions in the summer of 2019 so as to maximize resources, market potential, and offer additional financing solutions to valued customers.