Fl�gger group A/S

Fl�gger develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of building paints, wood stains, fillers, wallpaper and accessories. Our target group is professional painters and private consumers looking for good quality craftsmanship and professional guidance. Our strength is in-depth knowledge of and longstanding coorperation with professional painters. Globally, Fl�gger group A/S has around 1,500 employees, who work every day to deliver what is in our DNA - to develop products and solutions that help our customers deliver a good and durable result as efficiently as possible. Our main markets are Denmark, including Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Sweden and Norway. Since the turn of the millennium, we have had activities in Poland and China as well as exports to France, Russia and Germany, among other countries. Our product portfolio consists of several brands. Our primary brand is Fl�gger, but we also own and operate the Danish wholesale chain PP professional paint A/S. In addition, we develop, manufacture and distribute private-label products sold through DIY stores through our sales unit DAY-System. Our day-to-day management is handled by CEO Jimmi Mortensen, who took up the position in August 2016. Ulf Schnack handles the role of Cheif DNA Officer with primary focus on branding and product range. Read more about Fl�gger group A/S and our long story on http://www.flugger.com/en/about/history