Firma Luyckx NV

Since 1952, Luyckx has been known as specialist in the distribution and servicing of machinery for civil engineering, material handling and agricultural applications. Luyckx only distributes top brands and is an important reference in the sector of construction for special applications. Not only is Luyckx a well performing, modern company, it is also a family company in both heart and soul. We pass on our company values and norms from generation to generation. Where do we make the difference? Everything at Luyckx starts with a passion for the job, looking for and finding reliable solutions, and striving for the highest possible customer satisfaction, in other words, we are thinkers and doers, team players who, for over 60 years, have gone through fire and water for each other and for the customer. The beating heart of Luyckx is located in Brecht in the Antwerp province. From our 57.000 m2 company grounds we are active in Belgium and Luxembourg. Our branch office in Izegem in West-Flanders and our operating bases in Wallonia contribute to providing a fast and very efficient nation-wide service. However, Luyckx works across borders and follows its customers into all four corners of the world. In doing so, Luyckx established a second base camp in the Middle East. Middle East Crane Equipment Trading LLC has its head office in Abu Dhabi and operates from Dubai. Luyckx does not only supply new machines, it also modifies them to meet the specific needs of its customers. To do so, we have our own construction department, supported by our own engineering team. Together they stand for substantial modifications. Years of know-how and experience go hand in hand with new technologies. Our professional and well-trained service team combines expertise and know-how of machines with the latest technological developments. That way, every day the machines from Luyckx prove their robustness and reliability on renowned international sites.