FNA, with the Headquarters in Turin, employs 1,500 people in 6 manufacturing plants worldwide, where 8,500 compressors are produced daily. Its network includes 12 international branch offices, 350 global service centers with sales to over 120 countries worldwide. FNA is an international Group, backed up by consolidated experience and leadership of a family that for three generations has been entirely dedicated to the compressed air business. FNA now affirms its ranking as one of the biggest manufacturers in the world of compressed air equipment and its leadership in the market thanks to flexibility and technological innovation. Know-how, creativity, integrated marketing, versatile manufacturing processes, quality and a "tailored"? customer service - the indisputable assets FNA is recognized for. FNA is a worldwide leader in the production of the air compressors suitable for all industrial and professional sectors. FNA's wide range of products is designed for various applications and consolidated by a broad choice of accessories for compressed air distribution and treatment. FNA screw air compressors grant reliable and efficient operation, optimization of energy consumption and costs, simple installation, and use. The entire production procedure is carried out in the FNA Italian manufacturing plants. The merger of three major Italian compressor traditions resulted in a birth of FNA, a multinational Group with nearly 70 years of experience in the compressed air industry and Made in Italy heart, able to compete on the world market with no fear of comparison. With its facilities dedicated to the compressors manufacturing for DYI, professional, and industrial use, FNA ranks as a leading manufacturer of the air compressors worldwide under internationally known and acclaimed brands: FINI, DARI, NUAIR, SHAMAL, POWER SYSTEM