FESCO, Ltd., is a diversified petroleum engineering services company providing the oil and gas industry with quality equipment and experienced personnel. With 21 locations and over 68 years of experience, FESCO is uniquely qualified to make recommendations regarding optimal test design, equipment requirements, economic feasibility and the safety of your project. W. E. (Bill) Findley, Jr. originally established FESCO, Ltd. as Findley Engineering Service Company in 1949. He and Garman Kimmell of Oklahoma City (KIMRAY, Inc.) built a portable laboratory (Split Stream Lab Truck) designed to determine optimum separation conditions for gas-condensate wells at the well site. From this humble beginning, and with Bill Findley still in the saddle over 66 years later, FESCO has evolved into a diversified oilfield service company with over 1100 employees and 21 district offices in 4 states. Headquartered in Alice, Texas, FESCO offers an extensive suite of services to the petroleum industry. Our business goal every day is to provide excellent service with quality personnel and equipment at a reasonable price while strictly adhering to sound business practices and the highest ethical conduct standards. - Production Testing and Flowback - Electric Line - Pump Down - Hydraulic Chokes - Cranes - Pipeline Pigging - Slickline - Frac Trees and Goat Heads - Pressure Control/Lubricators - Sand Separators - Pressure Transient Analyses - Hydrocarbon Laboratory - PVT Laboratory - Emission Flash Studies - Reservoir Engineering - Metallurgical Testing - Relief Valve Recertification