FAYMONVILLE Trailers to the MAX

Faymonville Trailers to the MAX is your manufacturer for special vehicles built for payloads from 20t to 500t. As an independent family company, we are the leading manufacturer of trailers, low-loaders and modular vehicles suitable for the road transport outside the usual norm. Tall, wide, long or heavy: even your most daunting loads are easy to transport with our vehicles. We are an innovative company with a highly modern outlook that has developed within six generations from a small blacksmith�s workshop to an international leader in the sector of heavy transport and special transport. As the experts for unique requirements, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of products and services and working intensively in the areas of product development and optimization. www.faymonville.com The unique variety of our brands Faymonville, MAX Trailer, Cometto, MAX Rental and Faymonville Trade & Services have enabled the Faymonville Group to position itself as a full-range supplier in the sector of heavy load transport and special transport. Our portfolio includes transport solutions for service loads from 15t to 15,000t� and beyond. We are ready for all challenges!