Explorer Pipeline

Explorer Pipeline: The Pipeline of Choice Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Explorer Pipeline is one of the most advanced petroleum products pipelines in the world. We are the second largest transporter of liquid petroleum products in the United States. With an 1880 mile system, the trip for products shipped through the Explorer system begins at the Gulf Coast refineries and impact facilities in Louisiana and Texas. Determined by our shipper�s destination requirements, products move north to Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Tulsa, St. Louis, and Chicago. Products move at about six miles per hour or 15,000 gallons per minute. The trip to Chicago lasts around 15 days and costs only $.03 per gallon. More than 72 different products are shipped via our pipeline by more than 60 different shippers. Our pipeline operates with the highest degree of safety: 1,000 times safer than truck transportation. At Explorer Pipeline, we Value Our Employees. Our company values include doing the right thing, being a good neighbor, serving and valuing our customers, respecting and recognizing each other�s contributions, and meeting or exceeding all regulatory standards.