Enduro Pipeline Services

Enduro Pipeline Services, Inc. - Corporate Headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma with additional service and products center in Calgary, Canada. Enduro provides In-line-Inspection Services, cleaning pigs, tracking equipment plus project management services to the pipeline industry. Enduro - A Service Company offering MFL Multiple Technology Tool Pipeline Inspection Surveys, pipe sizes currently available, 4"? through 36"?, with some dual diameter options. Provide Caliper / Geometry Pipeline Inspection Services - pipe size 4"? thru 48"? w/ many Multiple Diameter options. Additionally, Enduro manufactures and supplies a complete 'suite'? of Pipeline Pigs - pipe sizes 2"? thru 60"? used for cleaning, purging, batching, line fill and de-watering, line dry - pipping products for 'on stream'? applications plus 'new construction'? projects. Dual Diameter and Multi-Diameter pigs, chemical cleaning services and technical assistance in support of customer's business requirements.