Encon NV - Energy Consultancy, Engineering, Contracting

Encon is an independent company specialised in the domains of energy savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy for industry. Rising energy prices and stricter environmental standards are forcing industrial companies to consume energy more efficiently or to produce alternative energy. Encon offers a total solution from the initial study right through to completion. Business and environmental stewardship go hand in hand nowadays. Spiralling energy bills are forcing companies to seek cost-saving solutions. In order to achieve this, you need a reliable partner; a firm with expertise that is able to provide a concrete overview of costs, savings and revenues. That partner is Encon. Encon searches for personalised energy solutions, whilst also prioritising cost-efficiency, integrity and transparency. Encon ads added value throughout the total process of consulting, engineering and contracting in cost saving projects. Our mission for industrial clients: - providing professional advice to lower costs - Supporting cients to optimise or replace technical installations - in a cooperation to execute projects and achive the setted goals