Elgin Sweeper

Elgin sweepers have been cleaning roadways since 1914, and while products have grown and improved, the commitment to quality and performance the company was founded on hasn�t changed. Clean streets improve water quality, air quality, overall community health and help prevent water pollution. Elgin founder, John Murphy, recognized the health hazards caused by streets filled with filth and debris, and created the very first street sweeper. The sweepers we produce today aren�t just any sweeper � they are the toughest, and most rugged sweepers on the market. Elgin continues its sweeper leadership by evolving its products and designing new ones. We pride ourselves on the quality, innovation and reliability that is built into each and every product. Elgin equipment utilizes all variations of today's sweeping technology � mechanical, pure vacuum sweepers, regenerative air � and now alternative fuel sweepers, waterless dust control and high efficiency filtration � to offer customers the sweeper that matches their needs. From general street maintenance to special industrial and airport applications. Elgin puts it's customers in the sweeper that best meets their needs.