Easigas Pty Ltd

Easigas (Pty) Ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of Rubis Energie (France) and has been a leading supplier & distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas to the Southern African market for the last 30 years. Easigas�vision is to be the leader in the LPG business by moving to attractive market offers, by adjusting to the customer demand and by being profitable in the countries where we choose to operate. Its mission is to consolidate its Number 1 position on the LPG market whilst sustaining profitable growth in line with customers� expectations. We wish to optimise our current business in order to keep a profitable growth while improving continuously our LPG offers & competitiveness on the market. The South African government through the Department of Energy has committed to the promotion of LPGas use, which is cleaner and safer as an efficient burning energy source, among the obstacles encountered by the government was the high price of LPGas cylinders and appliances, the government has therefore also committed to making LPGas more affordable for cooking and heating to reduce the need for large investments in power generation.