ERIELL, an international oilfield service group founded in 1999 in the Czech Republic, provides well drilling and workover services to leading oil and gas companies in the Russian Federation, Central and Southern Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Investments in technologies and innovations allow Eriell to be among the leaders in the industry ready to work in extreme climatic conditions of deserts, highlands or permanent frozen ground with similar efficiency. Gazprombank is the majority shareholder of ERIELL Group. The following competitive advantages allow ERIELL to be an industry leader and reliable business partner: � Qualified team of professionals: business executives, managers, engineers and drilling crew memberspossessing modern technologies, with the experience in both Russian and international companies. � Integrated project management enables to use the best technology solutions for the best results. � Experience in implementing projects in different regions of the world helps ERIELL to quickly adapt to new geographic, infrastructural and regulatory features of operations, remaining an effective business partner. � Modern and sophisticated drilling equipment of a wide range. � ERIELL Group drilling rigs are complete with modern equipment to optimize operations on construction of oil and gas wells. Drilling rig management functions are carried out by ACS which is a basic automation, monitoring and diagnostic element in the drilling rig. As of nowadays, ERIELL group has more than 60 drilling rigs, from mobile ones to unique superheavy ones, with carrying capacity over 600 tons.