ENVEA manufactures high-precision monitoring systems as well as environmental data processing and reporting solutions with extensive knowledge in the development of complete turnkey solutions. We assist entities in complying with applicable regulations and with optimizing industrial processes for improved efficiency and reduced environmental impacts. Partnering with ENVEA ensures high value relations through proven solutions which meet regulatory compliance, improve environmental performance, control and assist in reducing costs: - Internationally Certified and Approved solutions - Comprehensive experience of supplying turnkey solutions - Integrated systems to achieve regulatory compliance, with process control and optimisation benefits - Established worldwide service and support network Our worldwide references guarantee a perfect understanding of your needs and ability to manage a vast range of applications, be it air quality monitors measuring the air pollution of cities worldwide, emissions and process optimisation in all industries including waste incinerators, power generation plants, chemical & petrochemical industries, cement plants, glass manufacturing, metal factories, paper mills, engine manufacturers, etc.