ENGIE Refrigeration

ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH specialises in products, solutions and services for economical and energy-efficient refrigeration and heat recovery. The refrigeration specialist plans, manufactures, operates and supervises refrigeration systems, recooling plants and system solutions. The company, with its headquarters in Lindau on Lake Constance, has a nationwide sales and service network in Germany. As part of the ENGIE Group, ENGIE Refrigeration can draw on the support of the structures of a global corporation. The origins of ENGIE Refrigeration go back to the Sulzer company, which was founded in 1834 and which introduced the world�s first chiller at the 1878 World Fair in Paris. ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH is a member of ENGIE Deutschland. ENGIE Deutschland was established in June 2016 from ENGIE Deutschland GmbH (formerly ENGIE Deutschland GmbH), ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH (formerly ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH), ENGIE Deutschland AG, ENGIE Energiel�sungen GmbH, ENGIE Windpark Betriebs GmbH & Co. KG and H.G.S. GmbH & Co. KG. ENGIE Deutschland, with 30 sites and approximately 2,800 employees in Germany, generated sales of around 2.1 billion euros in 2015. The share of sales from ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH � with 300 employees � stood at around 70 million euros.