Our core business is hydropower sector. We operate hydropower plants in the Czech Republic, Georgia, Bulgaria and Turkey. The total installed capacity of our power plants is 862 MW, while the annual power generation is more than 3 TWh. We also operate distribution grids in Bulgaria and Georgia with more than 2 million grid customers. We participate in cross-border electricity trading as well. Part of our ENERGO-PRO Group, headquartered in Prague, is a Slovenian water turbines manufacturer Litostroj Power. Its part is a Czech company Litostroj Engineering (former �KD Blansko Engineering), which focuses on research, design and engineering works. We supply equipment for hydropower plants, including the pumping ones. We have carried out projects in more than 60 countries of the world. Our company sticks to the principle of responsibility towards the environment, as well as towards our employees who we support in their professional and personal growth.