One Group | One Power ELPEDISON, the 1st independent Energy Producer in Greece and the reliable and friendly Alternative Electricity Supplier, has emerged from the collaboration among three Energy Groups: - Hellenic Petroleum, one of the largest commercial and industrial energy Groups in Greece and South Eastern Europe, - Edison, the longest running energy company in Europe and the largest private energy company in Italy, and - Ellaktor, the leading Greek company in the Constructions sector, also involved in the Renewable Energy Sources. ELPEDISON, with its two privately owned power plants at Thisvi of Viotia and Thessaloniki and a total installed capacity of 820 MW, uses exclusively natural gas, following a production process which is considerably friendly to the environment. Furthermore, ELPEDISON covers the electricity needs of all different market segments. It addresses residential customers through its highly competitive Energy Family and Energy Family Plus product ranges. Also, it covers the differentiating needs of business customers, commercial and industrial, connected to the Low Voltage, through its Energy Premium and Energy Premium Plus product portfolios. On top, ELPEDISON caters for the needs of business customers connected to the Medium Voltage, through both standard products and customized propositions. ELPEDISON provides today a wide spectrum of friendly and facilitating services, via myelpedison web services platform as well as a dedicated Google and Apple mobile application. It also focuses on a high-quality customer service, effectively supporting its customer base. Thanks to the know-how and experience that it has inherited from its mother companies, ELPEDISON aspires to always be a leading company in the Greek Energy production and supply market while providing competitive energy products and services for the consumer�s benefit.