AS WORLD MARKET LEADER, THE EKATO GROUP OFFERS CUSTOM-MADE SOLUTIONS FOR ALL BRANCHES OF THE PROCESS-ORIENTED INDUSTRIES. The EKATO GROUP, founded in 1933 is the world market leader in mixing technology. Five OEMs offer tailor-made solutions for all branches of the process indutry: EKATO R�hr- und Mischtechnik GmbH, as the worldwide leader in process technology for more than 80 years, designs and optimizes agitators as well as reactors for liquid applications and is the largest company of the EKATO GROUP. Futhermore EKATO RMT develops innovative mechanical seals and seal supply systems for all types of process engineered equipment. EKATO FLUID Misch- und Dispergiertechnik GmbH manufactures modular and more standardized industrial agitators for the chemical industry as well as for biodiesel and bioethanol applications. EKATO SYSTEMS GmbH has specialized in ready-for-connection units for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry (EKATO UNIMIX) and mixers and dryers for processing solids (EKATO SOLIDMIX). EKATO Process Technologies GmbH coordinates the sales acitivites of all subsidiaries and representatives worldwide. A worldwide service network with a 24-hour hotline completes the portfolio of the EKATO GROUP. As a result of ongoing development and focus on customer-oriented innovations, the EKATO GROUP is continously expanding its international position. Imprint: http://www.ekato.com/en/imprint/