EDF Europe

The European Union is playing an increasingly active role in tackling climate change, ensuring energy security, organising markets and supporting R&D. Its acts, regulations, directives and recommendations directly affect not only Member States, but also the lives of all EU citizens and the day-to-day operations of European businesses and industries. The EDF Group, Europe�s leading electricity company, is firmly established across the continent. With companies in 14 Member States, we supply almost 39 million customers. The Group�s future will in part be defined by decisions made in the EU. One of the main contributions EDF can make is through our vision for Europe�s energy future. Generating genuinely sustainable development requires innovation, investment, industrial expertise and a deep commitment to social and environmental responsibility. In the European energy sector, EDF is the largest investor overall, and the largest investor in R&D and innovation. With its diversified mix and the biggest hydropower fleet in Europe, the EDF Group contributes to security of supply and emits the lowest level of carbon among major European energy companies. As the leading nuclear operator in the world, EDF has developed and maintains the highest standards of industrial safety. Communicating our vision for sustainable energy in Europe is why EDF has a representative office in Brussels. The European Affairs team of around 12 people draws on expertise from a range of business activities and subsidiaries. We promote, explain, and share EDF�s insights and opinions on the policy issues that matter to the EU institutions. We are a consistently active and engaged participant in EU stakeholder dialogue.