EDF ENR PWT (Photowatt)

Photowatt has been a pioneer in the solar-energy industry for 40 years. The company designs and produces silicon wafers, solar cells and photovoltaic modules using crystalline silicon. From the very beginning, the company has founded its growth on R&D programs, with the main goal of increasing the conversion efficiency of cells. Photowatt benefits from the efficiency of a �labfab�, a concept that brings together manufacturing and research skills and fosters experimentation, from laboratory to production testing. Photowatt operates 2 production facilities in France, over 24,000 m2 and employs 350+ people. Photowatt makes a priority of meeting strict environmental standards so as to achieve consistency between its operations and practices, whether in terms of limiting its carbon footprint, organizing panel recycling or adhering to the profession�s best practices. Photowatt is a trademark of EDF ENR PWT, subsidiary of EDF Renewables group.

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