Dynasol Elastomers

Dynamic Solutions with Global Coverage Dynasol offers some of the worlds most innovative and dynamic specialty elastomers. In particular for industries such as: modified asphalt, adhesives and sealants, polymer modification and compounding. Our renowned products can be found in thousands of applications and in hundreds of industries all over the world. As Dynasol's partner, you will have access to innovative elastomers, a global coverage of solutions, as well as up-to date technical support and fully equipped technology centers, pilot plants and a complete R&D network. We have facilities in North America, Europe, and very soon in Asia, since we are in the process of building our SBC�s and SSBR new plant in China, with a production capacity of 100 Kt, which will be completed at the end of 2014 and will provide specialty products coverage for the Chinese and mainland market. That means we can fulfil your brand-name [BMM1] and unmet needs � even on tight time-frames or in remote destinations.