Dulevo International SpA

Dulevo International S.p.a. was founded in 1976 in Fontanellato (Parma - Italy) as a manufacturer of commercial, industrial and street cleaning equipment. Today Dulevo International is the largest Italian manufacturer in the industrial and urban cleaning industry, offering a vast range of products and an innovative mechanical-aspiring-filtering sweeping system. Our worldwide dealer network is present in over 70 countries, with subsidiaries in Germany, France, India, Australia and Mexico. OUR MISSION: Dulevo International means innovative and environmentally friendly technology. We continuously research and create highly advanced technological solutions always providing the right answer for all cleaning requirements in any context (retail, industrial or urban). Our steady drive towards technological evolution and quality allows us to exceed customer expectations instead of only meeting them, bringing constant innovation to our products and leading to high-end solutions. We give top priority to overcoming environmental noise and fine particles emissions (PM10). Indeed, we are constantly committed to the design of sweeping machines powered by alternative fuels. GENERAL INFORMATION: Our new industrial facility in Fontanellato is one of the world�s most advanced production plants in the industrial and urban cleaning industry. It is located on an area of 200,000 m2 and accommodates over 20,000 m2 of production and a state-of-the-art R&D center.