Dudley Land Company

Dudley Land Company is a �full service� land company comprised of small regional offices capable of delivering services in a manner that has a big impact on results. Each regional office is staffed with certified professionals that have many years of experience in the basins where they manage projects. At their disposal, every manager has the most powerful technology in the industry, designed and developed to meet the specific needs of each client. Dudley Land Company is constantly moving ahead with the development of new technology to insure our clients receive the best results for each dollar they spend on land services. In business since 1980, Dudley Land Company is headquartered in Oklahoma City and maintains regional offices in Houston, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Midland. Combine state-of-the art technology with local, experienced professionals capable of providing well-planned and organized prospect management, and you have the necessary ingredients for land service that is second to none.

EPC Project Management 2021