Diversified Well Logging, LLC

Our specialty at Diversified Well Logging LLC is mud logging and mud logging related services. We have been involved in this industry since 1952 and have focused our resources and attention on providing unparalleled mud logging expertise and experience for our customers. Mud Logging Systems to fit you organization�s needs - Diversified Well Logging's mud logging systems are designed to fit your company's specific needs. Each system includes conventional logging services plus real time basic mud logging data acquisition and display. We also provide remote monitoring, standpipe pressure, pit volume, and flow in and out measurements, temperature in and out, casing pressure, and trip tank measurements. Advanced Gas Detection and other Gas Technologies - Diversified�s Advanced Gas Detection services help our customers make educated, quick decisions based on accurately identified and analyzed petrophysical and geosteering data. Real-Time Data and Sophisticated Reporting - Diversified's reports provide the real-time data you need. Reports include Show/Zone Interval, Drilling Data, Gas Percentages, Sample Fluorescence, Show Rating, Lithology, and include contact information for your Logging Engineer. HSE and Quality Assurance - DWL field and support personnel are committed to keeping these a priority internally and in the field. Learn more about DWL HSE and Quality Assurance.