DUCSA started in 2001 as a public venture under private law. This company has become the largest fuel distribution network in Uruguay, meeting the needs of individuals, organizations and companies. In this way contributes to the growth and development of our country. But it doesn�t stop here. DUCSA commercializes ANCAP and Texaco lubricants, supplies LPG and fuel for vessels at sea, and manages the most important asset: its human capital. Our goal is to be a model for management of distribution networks and to achieve this we rely on four pillars: - Increasing profitability, we must broaden our vision and be proactive, look after what we have, explore reality with a professional approach and take risks from a solid technical platform. - The chosen brand: our strength and professionalism represent our market leadership. Being flexible, creative and applying world-class technology we anticipate in highly competitive markets. In addition, we generate alliances that add value to the business. - The most efficient competitor: we are never still. We constantly review our performance and pursuit excellence. - The productivity of assets: the discipline and revision in the process of investment. These pillars are supported by our team of technically competent and motivated staff in an environment of security and control of our operations.