DTEK is a strategic holding company developing four business streams in the energy sector. The Company invests in the Ukrainian energy sector and economy in general by building new capacities, implementing advanced technologies, and creating new businesses. DTEK is one of the best employers in Ukraine, according to the ratings prepared by international audit firm EY and Ukrainian business publications. DTEK`s companies produce coal and natural gas, generate electricity at the fossil-fuelled power plants and renewable energy plants, supply heat and electricity to end consumers and provide energy services. DTEK is part of the System Capital Management (SCM) financial and industrial group. The Company conducts its business in a transparent and open minor. DTEK`s Eurobonds are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. DTEK follows the principles of sustainable development and is party the United Nations Global Compact. Building a relationship of trust with society is vital for the Company, which is achieved through sustainable social partnerships with local authorities and communities.