DRT - Les D�riv�s R�siniques et Terp�niques

Since 1932, DRT has specialized in the development of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin. Thanks to ongoing investment in innovation and globally-renowned expertise, DRT proudly supplies over twenty industries with its range of high value-added products which in turn contribute to the making of more than 300 end-products used daily by consumers around the world. DRT supplies the perfume, adhesive, rubber, tyre, agrochemical, food & beverage, chewing gum and food supplement industries, among others. As the only market player to work with all types of pine derivatives, DRT exports its knowledge and expertise to markets worldwide. The company�s Research & Development team not only focuses on the study of alternatives to petroleum using plant-based chemistry, but also on the development of natural, environment-friendly resins. Each day, 1,500 DRT employees work hard to bring you the best of nature.