DESFA SA � Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator

DESFA was established in April 2007 after the completion of the legal separation of the transmission and trading activities of the Public Gas Corporation (DEPA SA), in accordance with Law 3428/2005 for the liberalization of the natural gas market. DEFSA is responsible and the main operator of the National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGS) in Greece with the aim to best serve its users with safety, reliability, efficiency and adequacy. In this context, DESFA offers major market players regulated, from RAE, services of the NNGS, as well as non-regulating services, through the important know-how it has developed. The recent strategic partnership (2018) with the Senfluga consortium, consisting of the companies Snam, Enagas and Fluxys, enabled the provision of excellent and high-quality services beyond the Greek borders. Contributing decisively to the security of supply and the diversification of supply sources of the wider region, DESFA also facilitates the development of competition in the Greek energy market, while systematically striving for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Possessing extensive experience as a gas infrastructure operator and being manned with highly skilled personnel, DESFA is a reliable partner in the framework of the ongoing international energy projects in Southeastern Europe. DESFA�s Network: � Total Network Length: 1.454 km � 6 Operation & Maintenance Centers � 47 Metering & Regulating stations � 2 Border Metering Stations � 2 Dispatching Centers � 1 LNG Terminal Station � 1 Compression Station � Remote Control and Communication System