Cougar Drilling Solutions

Cougar Drilling Solutions is comprised of three Business pillars: Directional services, Rental services, and Direct sales. By taking a data-minded approach to the application of specialized drilling equipment, Cougar is able to apply the best fit for purpose solutions to our customers across the globe. Directional services Our directional services business operates in Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Eastern Europe. We provide performance drilling services and directional drilling services for oil & gas as well as Geothermal operations. These services include directional drilling, MWD, LWD, geosteering services, and performance drilling systems. Rental services Based in North America, our rental tools and services division is comprised of a series fit for purpose drilling tools. Including, The Mechanical Thruster, The LEX lateral extender, Shock subs, drilling jars, stabilization, and reamers. This group is focused on shock and vibration, whether it's the mitigation of harmful shock and vibration, or the need to excite or induce vibrations, we strive to provide the most data-driven and customer-focused solutions in the industry. Direct sales Cougar has been manufacturing top tier drilling tools in Alberta, Canada since 1969. Our machinists, engineers, QA/QC, and inspection staff are some of the best in the industry. The direct sales division offers for sale and custom manufacture a variety of downhole tools and products. Cougar currently provides product to customers around the world, in a variety of conditions and applications. If you're looking to establish a shop anywhere in the world, and need assistance with setting up a facility, creating an inventory process and purchasing equipment, Cougar can help. The Certified by Cougar program will assist you with all the ins and outs along the way, helping you establish your systems and processes for maximum efficiency.