Climate Connect Technologies

We believe that AI & ML will be the biggest enabler of human civilization�s transition to a 100% renewables powered grid, at 100% reliability of supply, accessed as a fundamental human right. And that's what we're all about. Specifically, getting 300GW of generation and load under AI interworking - The critical mass to enable adoption of these technologies on a truly global scale. Working at the intersection of energy, data science, software technology, and AI & ML, we build data platforms with AI & ML driven models and algorithms. To provide analytics, forecasting, and automated decision making for customers in energy markets worldwide including India, China, Europe, and the USA. Our services include: FORECASTING: Real-time intraday, day-ahead, term-ahead, and long-term energy forecasts. Using leading-edge AI algorithms powered by millions of hourly data points from the transmission system, distribution network, generation types, and custom in-house weather models. ENERGY MARKET MODELLING: Forecasting of market prices and bid volumes across the world's energy markets. With a horizon stretching from instantaneous imbalance markets, through to long-term econometric forecasts of power price trends. The nodal nature of these energy forecasts feeds into price models, enabling significantly increased predictive power. ALGORITHMIC SCHEDULING & TRADING: Robotic scheduling and trading software, for both the demand-side and supply-side of the market, to increase the speed and reliability of decision making. The value and necessity of autonomous decision-making will surge as more of the market adopts it. POWER & CARBON ANALYTICS: Rich data portals for the Indian, US, and Chinese markets to help identify the underlying trends, behavioural patterns and required actions to stay ahead of other market agents. We envision a future where the world's energy economy is formed from a web of interwoven intelligent algorithms, optimising every node of the energy ecosystem. And our ultimate vision is to harness this to make clean energy so cheap that it unlocks unprecedented avenues for humanity to solve climate change, then enhance the planet (and beyond......). Whether you're a potential customer, or a completely unrelated professional, student, young person, or even just a curious person. Get in touch, we'd love to share knowledge about AI, ML, Data Science, Renewable Energy, and how they all weave together.