China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Limited (C-SAIL)

China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Limited (C-SAIL) is the subsidiary of China Three Gorges which is incorporated and Head Quartered in Hong Kong. The mandate of CSAIL is to explore power generation investment opportunities in South Asia Region and to provide management and technical support to the Power Projects in the region. China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Limited (C-SAIL), which is an investment arm of China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) in South Asia. Known as the owner of reputable Three Gorges Project, CTG is a wholly state-owned enterprise with registered capital of USD 18.3 billion and strategically positioned to become a clean energy conglomerate specializing in large-scaled hydropower plant development and operations. CSAIL aspires to be the market leader in Hydel, Solar, Wind and Thermal power generation in the whole region and therefore will emerge as a truly International and Multinational Group. At the initial stage, C-SAIL is focusing on Pakistan and has established its roots to contribute its part in fulfilling power gaps and eliminating darkness of load shedding by initiating power generation projects all dimensions. Currently a 50 MW project has already been commissioned with the name of TGF First Wind Farm (Private) Limited in Jhumpir near Karachi in Sindh Province. Besides, a 720 MW Hydel Power is also in development phase with the name of Karot Power Company (Private) Limited in AJK Azad Kashmir. And there are many more to come. We are in Pakistan now and will Expand & Grow in the region. We are C-SAIL - Facilitating Convenience Through Power