Chemex Global, Inc.

Chemex is a global leader in providing complete solutions for modular refinery projects. Few companies in the world can match the end-to-end service provided by our in-house engineering team, in-house detailed design and fabrication teams, and in-house construction management team. Chemex Modular is a true design-build shop. Accordingly, all work related to a project is managed under a single roof at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in New Waverly, Texas. We design and fabricate diesel topping plants, hydroskimming refineries for the production of high-ocatane gasoline, flare gas reduction units, waste to energy plants, and much more. Our equipment is custom-designed for each project. All equipment is sourced and fabricated in the United States, packaged, and shipped anywhere for installation. We are experienced in: topping plants, atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, gas to liquids equipment, hydrotreaters, catalytic reformers, polymer modified asphalt (PMA) plants, asphalt blenders, oil dehydrators, field gas compression, sulfur recovery plants, oil/gas separators, amine treaters, desalters, HDS units, hydrogen generators, modular gas plants, LPG recovery plants, asphalt blow still, gas dehydrators, oil & gas metering systems, grassroots oil & gas Facilities, refrigerated gas plants, natural gas expander plants, NGL fractionators.