CEZ Group in Poland

The joint-stock company CEZ was established in 1992 by the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic, which is still the majority owner of its shares. The core business activity of CEZ, a.s., is electricity production and sale and related support of power system. At the same time, it is engaged in production, distribution and sale of heat. The parent company and core of CEZ Group is �EZ, a. s. the largest electricity producer in the Czech Republic, founded in 1992 by the National Property Fund. CEZ Group was created in 2003, when �EZ, a. s. merged with several regional distribution companies. Today, CEZ Group belongs among ten of the largest energy companies in Europe, both in terms of installed capacity and number of customers. It occupies a leading position on the electricity market in Central Europe. Following the acquisition of three distribution companies in Bulgaria, one in Romania, two Polish power plants and one Bulgarian power plant, CEZ Group has become a multinational enterprise comprising of over 90 Czech and foreign companies.