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Brokk Inc.

Established in Sweden in 1976, Brokk is the world�s leading supplier of robotic demolition machines. Brokk Inc. is the U.S.-based subsidiary of the Brokk AB group, a supplier of remotely operated systems and equipment. Brokk supplies electric- and diesel-powered remote-controlled demolition machines that work with dozens of attachments and special options such as cameras, long arms and side angling devices. The machines range in size from Brokk�s B60 II to the B800. The compact units provide a high power-to-weight ratio, making each ideal for confined spaces and industries such as demolition, processing, tunneling, cement, nuclear, military and construction. The ability to control the units remotely allows workers to stay at a safe distance and also reduces their fatigue, which increases productivity. Brokk provides engineering and technical support, operator and maintenance training, and a full range of spare parts to support customers. The North American team brings more than a century of combined experience in remote-controlled demolition. They continue to improve their equipment and services to maintain Brokk�s leading position in the industry.

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