Brightlands Chemelot Campus

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is an organization which is constantly evolving. The campus, together with Chemelot Industrial Park, forms one of the largest research and industrial sites in Europe. Enjoying national status, Brightlands Chemelot Campus is aspiring to become the leading technological hotspot in the field of high-quality materials, chemicals and cell science. We do this by bringing together business, (applied) research and education in one unique, open and innovative ecosystem. As such, the campus generates the added value which is necessary to address the global issues of sustainability and health. Existing and new companies (from multinationals to start-ups), knowledge-based institutes, and training establishments have joined forces to form an innovative community able to attract national and international students, researchers and entrepreneurs in the fields of advanced materials (material sciences), advanced processes (chemistry, process technology) and biomedical (cell science). In next to no time, the campus has evolved into a site where over 2,000 knowledge workers and 800 students are working for more than 80 businesses and knowledge-based institutes. The strategy focuses on fast-tracking the campus� development into a community of excellence with more than 100 companies and no fewer than 2,900 knowledge workers and 1,000 students by the year 2023. Key projects being championed by the Brightlands Chemelot Campus organization include: the expansion in the number of knowledge workers and students on the campus; the ongoing development of the campus community and with it the number of effective collaborations; and the development and maintenance of the R&D infrastructure on the campus.

EPC Project Management 2021