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Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM)

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) works together with entrepreneurs to create a future-proof Brabant economy. We share knowledge, develop networks, and provide capital to innovative Brabant companies and sustainable energy projects. We also encourage forward-looking international companies to settle in Brabant and assist companies already based in Brabant to extend their reach abroad. Our goals include further economic growth, increased employment, solutions to social issues, and a leading role for Brabant on the world stage. BOM Brabant Ventures With the help of its unique knowledge and capital, BOM uses the Brabant Ventures label to focus on the accelerated and future-proof growth of ambitious Brabant startups and scaleups in the High-Tech Systems and Software, Agri-food, Life Sciences & Health, Maintenance, Supply Chain, and Bio-based Economy top industries. BOM International Trade Under the International Trade label BOM assists Brabant companies to make the best possible use of their opportunities on international markets and to increase their growth. BOM Foreign Investments Under its Foreign Investments label BOM aids foreign companies in the High-Tech, Life Sciences & Health, Supply Chain, Agri-food, Chemicals, and Aerospace industries to make best use of the opportunities offered by Brabant as a base for operations. BOM Renewable Energy Under its Renewable Energy label BOM provides knowledge, capital and access to its network to develop and invest in renewable energy projects.

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