Bmax is a multi-national company heavily invested in research and development for the advancement of ultra-high speed processes and simulation technology. Bmax is a leading provider of advanced metal processing solutions offering industrial-grade systems for Forming, Welding, Crimping & Expansion applications. The Bmax Systems are based on Magnetic Pulse (MP) and Electro-hydraulic (EH) processes. These processes are based on the discharge of stored electrical energy released in an ultra-short interval. The concentration of this energy, allows the generation of intense magnetic fields or shockwaves. This instant power can then be converted into mechanical or magnetic energy and applied to various applications producing results in Forming, Welding, Crimping and Expansion that cannot be met through traditional techniques. Bmax uses best in breed simulation techniques available to provide clients with a fully integrated manufacturing solution from the very first contact to on-site training and continuous after sales service.

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