Bitcoin Inc.

Bitcoin inc was created to house, protect, preserve and promote the Bitcoin brand, technologies and network. Our longevity and sustained income plans will ensure the Bitcoin ecosystem functions uninhibited by interference for its full mining schedule. We bring all of the best products, services, software, hardware, and people that make Bitcoin amazing into one place. Bitcoin needs leadership & it has lost many of its leaders over the last 8 years. Bitcoin inc was formed to create a governing body to organize & maintain the corporate affairs of Bitcoin the commodity, Bitcoin Full Nodes, Bitcoin Development, Bitcoin Regulations, Bitcoin Intellectual Property as well as its specific case uses that can be monetized into Bitcoin inc Products & Services. Bitcoin has a brand that must be protected, a network of nodes that need to be preserved & a series of uses that needs to be promoted. This mission we have taken responsibility for ensures that Bitcoin is functional, profitable & successful in all jurisdictions, institutions and businesses that find Bitcoin useful. Bitcoin inc has created a roadmap for Bitcoin itself to function as a company and start to hire employees globally, pay development, customer service, compliance, ip, legal and financial departments to maintain Bitcoin fully as a corporation. This will bring new value and function to the Bitcoin ecosystem as well as bring Bitcoin to more users, businesses & governments worldwide.

EPC Project Management 2021