Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy

Bilfinger Industrial Services is a multi-trade supplier of industrial maintenance, project management & engineering, workshop manufacturing, industrial masonry and consultancy for the process-industry and energy producers in the Nordic Region. Our services are delivered according to documented concepts and in commercial partnerships with our customers. Health, Environment, and Safety are important parts of Bilfinger Industrial Services products and competitive power. We desire to create values for our customers through cost-reduction, and betterment of access to production equipment. Bilfinger Industrial Services Nordic Group have sales of 5,4 billion Norwegian Kroner, and at the moment we have 5000 employees. Bilfinger Industrial Services is established at several locations in Norway, Sweden and Finland.. Competitive Power Our Associates have: � Great flexibility � Great span of skills and specialized competency in the mechanical-, electrical-, automation-, and building trades Organizational Strength � Documented Health, Environment, Safety, results � Competitive concepts and products with documented results according to demands and expectations of our customers � Utilization of scalable effect regionally (volume and equalization) � Rapid response � High focus on betterment activities � Long and extensive experience within the process industry

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