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Better Energy

Better Energy develops, finances, constructs and operates utility-scale solar energy systems producing millions of GWh of green energy to the public grid. In addition, Better Energy provides solutions for large corporations and utilities looking to source green power. Utility-scale energy systems enable us to increase both the scale and the effectiveness of our impact on the green energy transition: �Delivering the greatest amount of kWh of green energy to the energy grid as rapidly as possible. �Driving down the kWh price of green energy as rapidly as possible Better Energy saw the opportunities in solar energy early and focused on mastering this technology. That decision has brought us to the forefront � breaking records in the fastest-growing source of energy in the largest industry in the world. We are pioneers in the industry setting new standards for what is possible. In 2016 we gained international recognition by winning the first cross-border tender for PV capacity in Denmark with a European record-low price of EUR 0.017 per kWh. With lowest cost of capital and lowest cost of energy, we are working towards building without subsidies and at market level within the coming years. Today, Better Energy incorporates all the critical areas of a solar system life cycle, from planning and design to financing, procurement, construction, asset management and sale of electricity. We control the entire value chain, thus optimising work processes and delivery times and achieving economies of scale. Ultimately, this reduces the time to bring green energy to market and leads to the lowest cost of energy. We want to improve the lives of people and the environment with power that is clean, reliable, safe and sustainable. Renewable energy has enormous potential to transform how electricity is generated and to improve millions of lives. Our vision is to be engineers of a sustainable future. Our goal is to power up the world with unlimited and affordable green energy.

EPC Project Management 2021

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