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Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited

Berger Paints is one of the oldest names in the paint industry, yet, it is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the country. It is constantly striving for innovating superior quality products and services. With more than 250 years of rich heritage, Berger manufactures world class paints for all kinds of substrates and also provides unparallelled services. Berger�s inception was laid out in 1760 by a German national named Louis Berger, who started dye and pigment making business in England. Louis involved his family into the business and eventually changed the status of the company to Louis Berger & Sons Limited. The company grew and expanded rapidly with a strong reputation for excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship. In the initial years, Louis successfully refined the process of manufacturing Prussian blue, a deep blue dye. This dye was widely used for the uniforms of many European armies of that time. Production of dyes and pigments evolved into production of paints and coatings, which till today, remains the core business of Berger. The company grew rapidly, by establishing branches all over the world and through mergers and acquisitions with other leading paint and coating manufacturing companies. Berger Paints started �painting� Bangladesh since independence. Over the past few decades, Berger has evolved and transformed itself in becoming the leading paint solution provider in the country with a diversified product range that caters to all your painting needs.

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