Belchim Crop Protection NV

Belchim, founded in Belgium in 1987 by Mr Dirk Putteman, Managing Director, became Belchim Benelux after expansion to the Netherlands and now trades under the name of Belchim Crop Protection. Year after year, the company has been directing its primary focus towards specialised products and expanding its activities into France, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy and into the Nordic and Baltic regions. Sustainable Alongside the efficacy of a product, the tox and ecotox profile of a compound is extremely important. With the right choice of products, meaning, safe products with a profile that will survive not only the present, but also future regulatory requirements, Belchim Crop Protection is offering real solutions for sustainable crop management. Belchim has shown, throughout its history, to be a reliable and competent partner, always with a high sense of reality. Creative Creating solutions, opportunities, thinking out of the box, � With its high level of technical support, Belchim Crop Protection is different. We are able to deliver a message with an edge. With a sound market knowledge detecting the real needs of the market, Belchim Crop Protection is able to bring real and viable solutions. Innovative Innovation is in the DNA of Belchim Crop Protection, but the success of our solutions comes from a blend of strengths, including focused development, listening and collaborating with our customers which helps us to orientate our strategic decisions in line with market demands. Our development. Your growth. Belchim Crop Protection

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