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Barcelonesa - Making Chemistry Together

Solutions with the best chemistry. Barcelonesa searches for and finds the most suitable raw materials for each industrial sector in the main international markets. We collaborate closely with customers and suppliers to transport and store their products in the most appropriate way, with the greatest possible safety guarantee, delivering them at the agreed time. We work all over the world for you. From our headquarters in Barcelona, the most important logistics centre in Southern Europe, and through platforms strategically located in the Iberian Peninsula, Barcelonesa offers the best solutions for the needs of companies and industries in all production sectors in the western Mediterranean. We collect, transport and efficiently distribute the best products, from anywhere in the world to the Iberian Peninsula, Southern Europe and North Africa. Certified quality and commitment to safety and the environment Barcelonesa performs rigorous quality controls and certified approval tests on its products in its own laboratory. These ensure compliance with the quality standards required by customers and suppliers.

EPC Project Management 2021

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